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Shark Lagoon
Lilipuna Pier
View from the beach house
Sandy Beach
Tiger Cowrie from Education Tank


The Center for Community Education at HIMB offers a unique opportunity for the public to visit Coconut Island.  All programs require that participants bring signed waivers and program fees (cash or check) on the day of the visit.  To make a reservation, please email us at

Due to safety considerations, children and students must be 5 years of age and up to participate in the Community Education Walking Tours and programs. All participants need to be able to climb in and out of small boats, up and down several pier steps, navigate one to two small hills, walk on uneven paved and non-paved pathways, and for the walking tours, complete the entire ~ 1 mile tour at the pace of the group they are with.  



Monday-Friday, and weekends for groups of 12 or fewer

For individuals, families with children (ages 5 and up), and community groups.

The public is invited to take a private two-hour guided tour of Moku o Loʻe, home to the Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology.  


This features a boat ride followed by a guided two-hour walk around Moku o Loʻe.  Participants learn about the island's unique private history, stop at our invertebrate observation/touch table and shark enclosures, take in our highlighted coral reef research projects and see the island's facilities. 

Programs fees for individuals (Maximum group size 10 participants)

1. $75 minimum for up to 3 participants; $25 per additional person, or $15 per additional for Kama'aina, Military, and Senior (ID required).


A custom program for individuals or families interested in a deeper understanding
of the oceans and the chance to be a marine biologist for a day.



Participants become visiting marine biologists in this custom 3-hour lab program.
Hands on activities vary depending on conditions and availability but will typically include an invasive algae/invertebrate lab, a plankton lab, or a in water lab exploring field assessment methods.

Personal Expedition to Moku o Lo'e:

$125.00 adult,  $100 child,  Kama’aina $115/$90.
2 person or $225.00 minimum.

Please contact us 10 days in advance if you need a Sign Language Interpreter or special accommodations

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