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Taking a Lab Class from us? Check the links below for Resources

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Invasive Limu Lab Resources (click to download)

In this lab we will review the Super Sucker Barge project, then collect some invasive Gorilla ogo (Gracilaria salicornia) from Kane'ohe Bay. We will sort through the limu to pull out all of the native and endemic limu, as well as any invertebrates or vertebrate animals. Using the Limu Lab Data Sheet to record the data, and the Invasive Limu Lab Species ID Sheets to identify the organisms, students will make counts of all of the life found in the invasive limu habitat. From this students will come to understand what this invasive habitat is all about. They may wish to go further and do the Simmons Biodiversity Index. For further reading, please see the Limu Lab Links button. 

Basic Background Resources

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