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We are open!
We are currently taking very limited Spring 2023 school group request
with a max limit of 20 students & 4 chaperones for weekday mornings.
Please fill out request form below and email to


The Center of Community Education at HIMB offers a unique opportunity for school groups to visit Moku o Lo'e for tours or hands-on labs.  All programs are required to bring signed waivers and program fees (cash or check) on the day of the visit. 

Booking a Reservation

 Operation hours for scheduling are:

Weekdays from 9am to 12pm

Groups of 12 and larger must take our large vessel from He'eia Pier for an additional $125 boat fee. Hawai'i state accredited or grade generating schools must fill out the School Program Request Form, all other schools should fill out the Program Request Form and send via email to  Maximum group size of 24 participants.

Due to safety considerations, children and students must be 5 years of age and up to participate in the Community Education Walking Tours and programs. All participants need to be able to climb in and out of small boats, up and down several pier steps, navigate one to two small hills, walk on uneven paved and non-paved pathways, and for the walking tours, complete the entire ~ 1 mile tour at the pace of the group they are with.  


Geared toward individuals, families with children (ages 5 and up), community groups, and most 3rd grade classes.


$100 program fee up to 20 participants,

$5 each additional participant (24 max)

Walking tours feature a boat ride followed by a guided 2-hour walk around Moku o Lo'e.  Participants learn about the island's unique private history, stop at our invertebrate observation/touch table and shark enclosures, take in our highlighted coral reef research projects and see the island's facilities. 


Geared towards larger groups looking for a hands-on learning experience. Grades 4 and above.


Hawai'i School Fees

$125 program fee up to 20 participants,

$6 each additional participant (24 max)

Out-of-State or In-State Non-Credit Community Groups

$175 program fee up to 20 participants,

$17 each additional participant (24 max)

Additional $175-250 boat fee for use of the educational vessel.

Visitors become visiting marine biologists on this 3-hour program consisting of common research techniques used in Kane'ohe Bay, followed by a short visit showcasing some highlighted research stations. There are 2 labs available to choose from, an invasive algae and invertebrate lesson or a plankton lab.

Plankton Lab

As our visiting marine biologists, each class will collect their own plankton sample by deploying a plankton net from our large research vessel and towing it across Kane`ohe Bay on the way to Moku o Lo`e.   

Once arriving, the students make their way to our Marine Science Research Learning Center where they observe the sample under a microscope.  They then use our newly developed Kane`ohe Bay Plankton Field Guides to identify different types of plankton found in the sample.  Students learn to sketch scientifically by drawing commonly found zooplankton such as copepods, crab larvae (zoea), and chaetognaths (arrowworms) and focusing on the organisms most distinguishing features. 

Algae Lab

Students sift through an invasive algae known as gorilla ogo or Gracilaria salicornia gathered from a lagoon at Moku o Lo`e.  They pick out the small invertebrates and separate them by phylum in order to numerically characterize the habitat.  By counting how many of each organism were found, they draw conclusions about the types of marine life an invasive algae-dominated habitat can sustain.  

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